About Me


Thank you for visiting my site.   Who am I? - A hard working lawyer by day, and enthusiastic published photographer by night! ha ha.

 I live, work, and play in the wonderful city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I'm still exploring the photographic art of capturing people and I am always looking to try new and creative ideas to keep pushing myself to keep improving.  I used to shoot film for the university newspaper covering events and got back into photography.  Very quickly, I found that I really enjoyed the interaction and challenge of capturing cool and fun images of people - who they are, or who they want to be  :0)

 So far, I’ve worked so many creative and fun people and I hope to continue to do so.  I’ve shot editorial, fashion, creatives, glamour, etc. and I’m hoping to branch out as far as my imagination takes me! 

 Although I put a lot of energy, time, and planning into each shoot, trying to create the best and most interesting images I can, since this is still a passion for me, I make sure that each time I shoot that the main goal is that everyone involved has FUN!! I’m pretty down to earth and attitude-free and I prefer to collaborate with others who are the same.